Cleaning Starboard by Removing it Temporarily?


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My Starboard BB has crazy amounts of coraline and dark red algae over the years. In order to clean it properly, I need to remove it from the tank.

I have it installed in 3 separate sections.

Do I need to be worried about removing it to clean it? Obviously there is detritus under the board, which I plan on siphoning out when I remove it, but I am concerned about releasing that back into the tank.

Thoughts? Has anyone ever removed their Starboard to clean it?




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No, not while the tank is running, anyway.
I am getting a 6 ft 180g and today I removed the 2 sections in my 4 ft. 120 during tear down for the new tank.
It wasn't bad underneath. A little detritus and no giant worms :lmao: in the 3 years since the last rebuild.
I am debating using the starboard again or going with a 1 inch or less sandbed.


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About 6 months ago I removed a purple tang from my reef tank to put in my 220 FOWLR. To catch the tang I had to take most of my live rock out. After I had taken most of the rock out, one section of my starboard floated to the top of the tank. Their was alot of junk under it. I ended up taking both pieces of starboard out, cleaned them and siphoned the junk off the bottom of the tank. Everything is back in place and doing well.


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Thanks for the replies!

I think I will remove it slowly, siphon underneath it and replace it after I clean it. The coraline should come off easily with a chisel.


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I wouldnt remove it. The issue isnt so much the stuff that's under it right now... it's keeping things from getting under it when you re-install it. Anything that props the board up and allows junk to collect underneath is going to be an issue. Assuming you stuck it in place when the tank was new, you didnt have this challenge at that time. For me, that was the problem when I took one out to clean it. I never got it back as it was (little shells, rocks, and other things got in the way), more wastes were able to collect (compared the negligible amount that was in there at first) and I had algae growth at the edge of the board.


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crvz, that is a good point, but I am willing to take the chance.

Worst case scenario is that I just keep it out and go with the glass bb bottom.