closed loop dc pump choice


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I have a 120 gal. that has been stored for a few years and I've decided to set it back up. It has Megaflow overflows which I have never liked and always wanted to remove and use the holes in the bottom for a closed loop.

There are 4 holes for 1 inch bulkheads in the bottom rear. I have considered either using two for inlets to a closed loop pump and the other two for returns, or drilling another hole in the back to feed the closed loop and use all 4 bottom holes for returns.

I'm looking around at various DC pumps that could be controlled to ramp up and down throughout the day to vary the flow similar to a Ocean Motion.

Any suggestions on which DC pump to use? I'm considering the Varios, Neptune or EcoTech. I currently do not have a controller so I'm leaning towards the Octopus Varios 6.

I have some time to make the improvements while I wait for the new Synergy Shadow overflow to be shipped.


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