Closed loop help


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I am moving my tank and in the process will be instaling a closed loop with a super squirt. I am trying to decide on a pump and need a little advice. It is my understanding that because it is a closed loop their is no need to calculate in for head loss, this I find hard to believe. My pump is going to be in the basement and I am figuring about 10-12 feet of head, but this should not matter, right ?????? I just can not imagine if the pump was 2 feet away it would not pump any more than say 12. I am hoping someone will be able to help me out so I can get a pump ordered.
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there is no head loss because the pressure of moving the water down to the pump equals it out....on the other hand there is still frictional loss. so the loss of the water rubbing against the tube, as well as increased friction are 90 elbows, ball valves, etc.