Closed Loop Plumbing Question Need Help


New member
Hello everybody. I have a couple questions about plumbing my closed loop. Here is what I have:

I have two 1" drains to feed the pump. The pump is a Dart. The first question I have is are the two 1" drains enough to feed the Dart? Next up is how should I connect the two 1" drains to the Dart? Should I have them join at a 2" T and then run 2" pipe to the Dart, or should I try to reduce the 2" pipe at some point?

On the return side I am going to plump it over the top of the tank. I am not sure how many return inputs I am going to have back into the tank, but at this time I am thinking at least 8. What is the best size pipe to use to run the returns on. It will come out of the Dart at an inch and a half. Should I try to get to " or 3/4"?

Thanks in advance for your help.