Closing threads?


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Seems that closing threads is based on the personal opinions of the moderator as much as because of rule violations. Read the last post of the HR669 thread and click the link and you will be taken to a thread in support of one position on this issue. I saw no out of control responses on our original thread(not started by me) nor did I see any heated debate on the subject, just discussion. Only after I posted the actual text of the bill was the thread closed. Maybe the moderator isn't concerned with facts, just his/her opinion. I don't particularly like that! That's my opinion, what's yours?


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I think it clearly stated in that thread that any thread started about the matter would be closed as soon as possible. The moderators have thousands of posts to go through daily. There are 13 mods for the entire RC reef club area. That's every club in the USA moderated by 13 people.

If someone reports the thread it will get spotted quicker and dealt with by the mods. If they take a few days before stumbling upon it then it may seem to you that what you typed was the reason for closing. I didn't see anything wrong with the one thread in the C-SEA forum but that was one of probably hundreds on that subject and all things political get out of hand eventually.
I appreciate bringing it to everyone's attention here but I can also see the preventative measures taken by the RC Mods as non-biased and totally within the terms of service of the website.

It is never a good thing to have a thread closed and then open another one to complain or voice your opinion about the mod's decision. Just thought I would let you know... there have been many people that ended up being banned because they took it personally and said the wrong thing to the wrong person.

The link that was posted was to a post by an RC ADMIN. Not a moderator. They were just trying to sum it all up and then redirect all the discussion to the forum designed for talking about the bill. It is not anyone's personal opinion really being posted in that RC thread.

I hope this ends well in this case. :thumbsup:
-- Kevin


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At first glance it appears as though you have valid concerns. However, when I followed the link that mhurley posted it provides additional information that clears up the question of why the thread was closed.

While I am the first one to fight against abuses of power and the infringement of rights, I agree with the linked thread “Sorry, but people just can't seem to play nice when politics are involved”. Additionally, I will admit to being one of the people referred to as not being able to “play nice when politics is involved” which is why I try to avoid the subject.

I am not disagreeing with your issue, in fact, I believe it every American’s duty to question apparent infringement of rights, but to keep RC the great place it is for Reef discussions, politics is best left out of it.


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Thanks guys. I misread the intent of the moderator. Maybe it's me with the agenda? Politics was never my motivation here, just want to encourage all to explore controversial issues before publicizing as fact and I don't like to be stepped on for that! My apologies to all.


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What we would give (as staff) to see all discussions resolve like this. Thank you to all involved for keeping things civil.

We encourage civil discussion and we appreciate when people do so but as some of you mentioned, some people tend to take things personal and that is where things usually turn south.

Keep on reefing!



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The one thing I would have liked to see is in the sticky'd thread addressing the issue, that the whole text of the proposed legislation be included rather than only the industry spin.


I'm an American, and I remember
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I don't think anyone should stop researching the subject at what RC (through the staff here) has told you about the issue. We're a hobby site, that bill proposes some things we, as hobbyists wanted the community of hobbyists to be aware of.
Are there two sides to every story? Yes, at least two. Follow through on this matter any way you see fit, just keep the discussion somewhere else.
We prohibit political discussion here because we know that those discussions make mortal enemies out of the best of Internet friends.