Clown choice help


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OK, starting a new smaller tank, and I'm going nemless.
I want something different this time around, and I want something that may take to frogspawn as a host.
I've recently been taking notice of these, and want to hear feedback from those w/ exp w/ them.

Any pics/comments greatly appreciated


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I have an occelaris that hosts my torch. I originally thought the torch would not tollerate it long, but he's been hosting it for about 9 months and everyone seems happy. The Clown is not my favorite but the combo is cool.


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Onyx have caught my eye for some time now.
How's temperment?
My maroons and Clarks were NASTY mean biters, would like to think these guys were a little nicer.


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If you're going nemless I'd say go with some nice tank raised onyx or picassos (unless you have the budget for and really enjoy snowflakes).

While I have a latz, I just recently paired her with a clarkii since she'd been female for some time. Together the two of them were too much for my BTA so I rescued it to my 34g tank.

It took me a few weeks but yesterday I put a sebae in that is large enough to handle their size and I had never seen my latz gyrate and jiggle so much! They both were so excited and she was just placing the nem's tentacles, individually, just so to her liking. After seeing this behavior I wouldn't recommend a latz in an anemone-less tank. It certainly can be done! But if you're not going for breeding and want just a cool fish I'd stick to the smaller ones.