clown fish


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i have started a new marine tank soon i can put fish in it, do you think i could put a pair of clowns in a 14 gallon tank?18,15,12inches


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What kind of skimmer do you have? A 14 gallon could hold a pair of false percs but that is it for fish. Your also going to want to make sure the tank is fully cycled before adding any fish. Make sure you do tons of research Reef Central is a great place to start :)


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14 is fine for a pair of clowns. In the wild the may never go more than a foot from their nest. I had a pair in a 10 gallon, that only occupied one side. No real need for a skimmer as long as you keep changing water once a week. The nano skimmers are unreliable and changing 1-3 gallons a week is really cheap and easy. Save your money until you upgrade to the huge reef tank.