clown goby has been munching at my redplanet

Cpt sehorse

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so I just got this amazing piece of ORA red planet from the reefgardner, it was doing amazing yesterday morning. After I left for a hour to go get some lunch I see my evil little clown goby munching away at it's polyps:headwalls: The piece has not been the same since does anyone know how long it will take for it to recover? Thanks(p.s that clown goby is now living in my mangrove tank away from anything sps)
http:///Users/JJhomelaptop/Desktop/DSC03890.jpg[/IMG]g here it is before/Users/JJhomelaptop/Desktop/DSC03900.jpg and after
I've had better luck with green clown gobies. I have three in my tank and all of them live in my Orange M. digitata. I tried keeping yellow ones twice both times they ate my acro polyps and had to be removed. Unfortunately I was not able to keep them alive without acropora to munch on. The green ones will lay eggs on the branches of stoney coral but if you keep them well fed don't seem to go for the polyps very often.


Wow I didnt know those fish would do that. I was considering getting one, but now I think that they are off my list for my new tank. I have seen damaged coral heal in a week and some being a couple of months for a full recovery. It being a new piece I would think that it may take longer as the coral may not have fully acclimated.
Here's one of mine. Two of mine formed a pair and lay eggs in this coral all the time.


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I've had a green one and a larger brown one for many years now. Yes they do bite at polyps but I've really never noticed any real damage.


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this clown goby or yellow coral goby it will bite your sp.coral untill it get stress the next thing you know corals start to fade & die slowly. i had this kind of goby before i think 2 of my favorite colony died beacuase of this lil bugger, green coral goby i would prepare for this because i have 2 of this in my tank right now just doesn't do nothing at all, what happen is both this goby just hangin around inside of my stag colony don't even noticed them both because its color matches to my stag. they only come out whenever i feed this goby but my cleaner wrasse & mystery wrasse always on eyes of this to goby but really hard for this wrasse to see this goby once it get into mg acro stag colony nobody will see it again=)