clown is sick.


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My fish (clown) has a white film on it body, and it is panting
I think it is brooklynellosisart?(think)Or what do you think it could be.
If it is has anyone used a formaline solution? with sucsess?
We have had the fish for 2years so I need to solve the problem.
Any help would appriciated.


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A picture would help. Brooklynella is normally associated with new fish who have been exposed to the disease during their journey through the wholesale fish distribution system .. not normally associated with fish that have been in your tank for 2 yrs. Unless you have had a recent fish addition to the tank I think brook is less likely.

Heres a link which discusses how to perform a formalin bath .. if done properly it won't harm the fish.

You should note that the formalin dose discussed in the above thread assumes your using std formalin (37% formaldehyde) some LFS sell formalin 3 which is a 3% solution and you would need to adjust dosage accordingly.


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It was from addition,I didnot QT enough. I did not see this on the small fish and he was not breathing or panting hard,everything will go in the QT for six weeks or better from now on.