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So I have had a pair of orange storm clownfish for about 6 months in my 40 gallon. When I bought them they were not paired.

I have always had one bigger than the other about 1" difference. The bigger one the female has always been super hostile with the little one. Punks him for food and chases him ect ect. I always thought this was normal clownfish behavior since she never like boxed him in and be aggressive about attacks. Just chase him around and then get over it.

Last couple days I noted the bigger one being especially aggressive and when I got home my little clownfish was dead [emoji22]. All the other fish I don't have many (diamond goby , file fish , anthia , yellow corris wrasse ) all alive and healthy and swimming around. I'm assuming when I was at work my bigger clown must have finally killed my smaller guy.

Since they were never mater pairs did I get two clowns who maybe one was female and the other trying to as well over the last 6 months ? It my big clown just a *** ? Should I take out my big clown and rehome it and get a new pair ? Can I try a small clown with him ?

Also as a side note I had a naoko wrasse in quarantine I put him in tonight that's how I noticed I couldn't find my other clown. Big clown chased him for about 20 min and Is now over him.

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Sometimes pulling the aggressive fish and now putting it in time out might work, put it in the QT if nothing else is in there.