clownfish and kordon breather bags?


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I been wondering if anyone has experience with clownfish and breather bags.My question is does anyone know who ships clownfish with breather bags ? Also if anyone knows how long has a clownfish been known to survive in shipping .

I'm asking cause I live most of the year in Dominican Republic , 1:45 min flight from miami. What i usually do with freshwater fish is overnight or twoday ship to my courier who puts them on my door step worst case scenario is 5 days transit is 3 . depends on the time it get to the Courier.


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so wat are you trying to do maneto.. DR got some great reefs just go out to Punta Cana and get you some clowns LOL LOL JK:dance::lol::fun2:


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If you found a clown in the Atlantic that would be pretty spectacular. My guess is Nemo wandered way off set......:jester: