Clownfish pair laying eggs, 30g tank running, + 10g Could breed, for sale Paducah


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I'm not a member of the club, so hope you don't mind this note. I've been meaning to sell my running 30g long tank with cabinet for a while. I don't have time to keep it up like I should now that I have kids. I would love to sell the mated pair of clownfish and 30g tank + 10g tank to someone locally who would breed them. The first eggs hatched this weekend. I hate to see them flounder. I can post some pics and details about what's included if anyone's interested. $200 for all.

They are either ocellaris or percula, I bought them in 2 different stores with 2 different labels. But they look the same to me. I think the female was wild and the male raised. I would be willing to sell just the pair at this point and then try to sell the tank later. Someone would need to pick them up here in Paducah. Not sure what's a reasonable price for just the pair? I have the book Clownfishes by Joyce M, which is very detailed in how to raise them. I just don't have the time to try right now. I think it would be fun if you had the time and resources.

Oh, btw, I don't know if they would breed as easily if moved or put in a tank with other fish, large crabs, etc. I've had them about 2 years and I think they just recently started breeding because all the "threats" recently left the tank. They feel very comfortable right now. There's nothing in the tank with them besides rock, sand, a couple small crabs, and a few small snails. They probably would start again somewhere else eventually if they felt comfortable, but maybe not right away.