Club Brainstorming - Feedback Requested


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Hi all,

We would just like to touch base with our membership and see what ideas you might have to make this club even better!

Some upcoming ideas on which we would like your input:
- speakers for the February conference
- club shared resources (meters, test kits, library)
- emergency consultation
- new reefer mentoring program
- corals or other items you want to have available at the fall swap
- door prizes/raffle items for the frag swap
- your "can't miss" meeting ideas
- DIY workshop ideas (demos or hands-on)
- group buys
- on/off topic special events (parties and/or gatherings)
- club services
- keeping the forum interesting/handling for sale threads
- forum/web use questions

Thanks for your input, we look forward to hearing your ideas :)


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I have one. I want to hear, in person, about BBrantley's trials and tribulations. We would all love to pull off a feat such as Big Bertha. I want to hear a first hand account...


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=10489486#post10489486 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by miwoodar
I have one. I want to hear, in person, about BBrantley's trials and tribulations. We would all love to pull off a feat such as Big Bertha. I want to hear a first hand account...

Ha, ha, ha... those are good words. Anything that starts with "T" and rhymes with Trouble? :)

I'll be happy to host a meeting whenever y'all like. I would suggest sometime in late fall or winter when the rest of the components (Ca reactor, RDSB, etc.) and some more livestock will be in place.



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Ben - hopefully we will get an opportunity to hold you to that! The tank looks sweet. The built in look is fantastic.

Christina, I mentioned the other day that I really like the mentoring program idea (zerellit's idea BTW). I had a mentor when I started in the hobby and it really helped me get over the hump. Just a few pointed conversations helped send me off in the right direction from the start.


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It would be nice to have a community par meter.
Also, I would love to have training on how to keep nitrates down.
I can never seem to take control of my nitrates. I just bought an MRC-3R skimmer from JVHam that will hopefully help with this.

"Umm fish?"

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I'd like to hear from Ron Shimek, if possible. I know that he's just up in Montana, so it might not be that expensive to get him in. Maybe how to get inverts to spawn and how to get them to settle? Care of a DSB? Info on his new feeding of non-photosynthetic coral studies?

Love to see Anthony Calfo, Eric Borneman.

Maybe someone from MOFIB on breeding fish?

Heck, I'd like to hear Ben, too. :)

Christina, there are a lot of things to respond to in this thread. Is it possible to split it to different topics? (Sorry I missed your meeting, BTW. We're moving.)


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mentor idea is great, more swaps for those of us getting started. And i like the idea if DIY get togethers.


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How about creating a list of various experienced members who would be willing to be used as a emergency contact if another member is out of town and having issues? It may be nice to have it organized by the member's part of town.


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Good suggestions - thanks.

What are some CAN'T MISS meeting ideas?

What about door prizes for the frag swap? Any special requests?

How can the club serve you, the regional reefing community, better!??? That is the goal of this exercise. We want to hear from some of you quieter folks too.

Maybe we can mandate that all meetings include beer?


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There is a lot here to think about, so I may add later.

One "Can't Miss meeting idea" in my opinion would include feeding your reef tank. This topic is aimed at everyone on this forum. What to feed? What corals benefit from specific foods? Devices used for spot feeding? Best time to feed? Etc...

When some time frees up here in the next couple of weeks I wouldn't mind organizing a bit of a get together, not a "meeting," but just talking over some food and drinks somewhere around town.

That's it for now.


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Ehaze, you are practically already a member!

But to get setup properly head over to the club's website:

create a username and password and that's it!


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bmwardo great idea, many of the elder reefers make their own coral food. that would be a good time to maybe make a big batch of food to divy up and take home to freeze....