Club owned items!! Books, tools, tanks etc...


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As many of you are aware the club has been putting togather a library and also have a light meter, some tools and some tanks, filters and other items.

We are trying to get a complete listing, and inventory of everything that is currently owned by the club and who has what out at this time.

Anyone who currently has possestion of any of these club owned items please send me a PM where we can get these listed and allow others to use these items. Going forward we are trying to get a process in place to track these items at all times where they are there for the club members as needed.

We also hope to have a site where we can store these items in the future and be where we can take donations of unused/unwanted items for use by members and to donate to use in schools etc..

Thanks, Bill Hampton!!


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Well We have a number of books out there that are currently unaccounted for. If you do have any of the club books please let us know.


I can bring to the next meeting,great book for those just starting out.We had several books in the library.I donated scotts paletta ultimate reef tanks,which shows the display tank and all equipment for each tank and maintance.


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I actually bought Ultimate Marine Aquariums from another member for a steal.Id love to see the Reef Keeping for Dummies though, thanks SMV!