CMAC meeting, April 14, Sumter, SC


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Hello all,
On April 14, 7:00 pm Afishyonados,llc will be hosting the Columbia Marine Aquarium Club's monthly meeting.
All are welcome to attend.
Seachem, Sunlight Supply and Champion Lighting and Supply have already offered to donate goodies for the event. There will be some raffle items, as well as freebies to be given away.
We are offering incredible sales that evening, and hope to see many new faces.
The dinner will be provided by B's Hardwood BBQ, which has already won many awards for it's deliciousness.
Anyone interested can contact for more details. Thank you for your time.
Alright, I'm getting pretty keyed up. Sorry if I sound exitable, but...
There are already 150 products donated by 4 different distributors/manufacturers here already, with more to come! These will be given away as door prizes to anyone who shows up! (While supplies last!) The idea behind this was to promote the reefkeeping hobby, the Columbia Marine Aquarium Club, and to promote the distributors/manufacturers who are so generous. A big THANK YOU to all who have helped and are helping.
The meeting is not only for CMAC members, all are welcome! CMAC is a great group of reefers, maybe while you are here, you will decide to join, who knows?
The store will be holding insane sales on wet goods, but I do not believe this is the proper forum to mention numbers...PM me for details.
It's almost a week away! Seabug came by and cleaned up the place a lot, on his day off, many thanks Tom!

The Marineland guy has also said he will be donating goodies for door prizes as well.
I will have dirt cheap live rock, fish and lots of corals for the meeting.
It sounds funny, but I am just as excited about the BarBQ as I am the meeting. It is soooo good! Thanks Kevin!
Hope to see you there!