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I know I am going to sound like a complete idiot, but I gotta ask...

I have what looks like cobwebs in my tank kind of "blowing" around in the water current. It is attached to the sand and rocks. Some of it looks like it is dirty from the agra-alive sand I have for the substrate.

My 12g tank is newly set up, 2 weeks old. 14 lbs cured live rock/tonga and the agra-alive sand. There are 4 astrea snails, 2 nassaurius snails and a green and yellow tailed chromis in there as well.
The parameters are good.

Does anyone have any idea of what it could be? (I'm not crazy or seeing things!)




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No, I don't have any corals yet, and they are very thin and whispy, they look kind of clear with the exception of them being kind of dirty from the sand being on it.
It's not like what red slime looks like or anything like that, it truly looks like tiny cobwebs.


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i have a bunch too every once in a while... im not sure where its from really... i see snail poo stuck on some of them sometimes..


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If a snail or hermit crab or something else dies you'll see similar "cobweb" type of stuff (Stuff= a scientific term I can't define) :lol:


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I found a video of vermetid snails and the webs are exactly what it looks like. I haven't actually seen any of the snails though.
So as far as what I am reading, this doesn't sound like anything to be worried about. Correct?
I thank you all for you responses!


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yeah more than likely vermetid snails. mine would "throw their cookies" after a water change and make the tank look like a snot fest


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Look im my picture gallery, I have one in my montipora. Every day @ feeding time it will ejaculate (throw their cookies) all over my zoos...Yep vermetid indeed.


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i found them gross, so i found the snail and put super glue gel over the opening, the snail died and no more "cobwebs".