Coco worm detached itself


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So I just noticed that my feather duster detached itself from the soft shell and is now squirming around in my tank.... never seen this happen before. I am going to leave it and see what happens. Anyone had this happen or know why it did that?


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It'll find a spot and build a new tube out of sand. I had mine do that when he didn't like the water flow in that spot.


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i had one do that months ago and i just recently found him on the back side of a rock i moved around.


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You can keep the shell... Take it out and dry it, maybe.
The worm should be fine as long as it separated itself without being pulled. If something (hermit) goes after it, you may want to very gently pick it up and place it on the rockwork somewhere. Just be careful, it's a really soft organism not designed to live on its own.