code for moonlight program?


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I want my moonlight to come on when the lights go off. but then I want it to turn off around 12 or 1AM.

I had it just on opposite, but I dont think the corals liked it, it was too bright for them to really rest. and I want it bright... so Id rather cut the moonlight around midnight.

I would do a fixed pattern, but the day lights are on sun 120/120. so it varies monthly.

my plan was to do

if tmr lit1 =off

if time>00:00

but the 2nd command doesnt turn it off... any idea why or what I need to change?


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Do something like this then:

If Time > 18:00 Then MON ON
If Time > 00:00 Then MON OFF
If Timer LT1 = ON Then MON OFF

This code will turn the light on when LT1 goes off, and then shut off at midnight.