Come to the South Florida Frag Swap Sat, May 14th


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Come out to our 2011 Annual Frag Swap!May 14th 12:00 "“ 5:00pm

South Plantation High School, Everglades Environmental Sciences
1300 SW 54th Avenue Plantation, Florida 33317.
(Just off the Fl Turnpike)
(This is the same location where our monthly meetings are held, but will be held in the Cafeteria space next door. )

This will be the largest Frag Swap in Florida!!


We have National, Regional and Local Companies participating in this event who will be bringing Corals, Fish, Additives and Equipment for you to purchase.

Here is a list of the companies that are coming:

Reef Koi from Colorado
Cherry Corals from Michigan
Sea Chem from Georgia
PE Mysis from British Colombia
Reef Nutrition from California
Pacific East Aquaculture from Maryland
Reef Gardner*
Eco Reef/Reef Results*
Aquaticlife from LA
Coral Reef Farm*
The Frag Farmer*
Tropical Reef Corals from Orlando
NextReef Systems from Tampa
World Wide Corals from Orlando
Reef Savvy Aquarium Builders*
Rogger's Reef Food*
Two Little Fishes*
Zoo Med from California
The Fish Store from Ft. Pierce*
Coralgasm from Stuart, FL*
Aquascene Aquatics from Port St. Lucie*
The Reef Zone*
Sunlight Supply*
Frag-a-holics - Keith Warren*
Aquanauts Scuba diving certification company*
Blue Seas Aquarium*
Treasures of Atlantis
Salty Supply from Orlando
Get Pumped Saltwater
Jason Fox (yes, that Jason Fox)

* denotes that they are from Florida

We will also have more than a dozen of our own members who will have booths too.

The Club will also be having a Raffle of many items which are being donated by our Sponsors. These will include two Signature Jason Fox coral frags, a T-5 Light Fixture, Submersible Pumps, T-5 bulbs, Coral and Fish Food from several companies, Bulk Reef Supply Alk, Calc & Mag Additive Kits, Reef Keeper lite from Digital Aquatics, Dr. G's products, Red Sea reef additives, products from Two Little Fishes, Gift Certificates and much more!!

We are expecting hundreds of hobbyists from Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties as well as reefers from Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Palm Beach, Tampa, Naples, Stuart, Port St. Lucie and Ft. Myers.

With this enormous list of participants, we don't need to tell you that you will need to empty out your piggy banks for this one. You will see corals that you have never seen before and this is your opportunity to get them.

Please tell all your friends and spread the word about this event. Tell them on Facebook, Twitter and any other form of communication you can.

This is a don't miss event!!


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South Florida Frag Swap Raffle items:

Due to the number of Vendors coming this year and the lack of nearby ATMs, we have decided to set up 2 Paypal Stations inside the Frag Swap Floor space. They will be set up at the Raffle Area.

If you don't have a Paypal account already, please get one prior to the Frag Swap so you will have one. It takes a few days to setup if you want it connected to your checking acct.

At the Paypal Station you will be able to securely log on to your Paypal acct. and send money to a vendor or buy Raffle tickets for the many items that are included in our Raffle this year.

We will have an Amazing list of Raffle items this year!! Below is a list of the items or you can go to this web page to see them:

Dr. G’s: A full line of most of their products $300

Bulk Reef Supply: Part 1, Part 2 & Magnesium kits

Reef Nutrition: An assortment of all their new "live" products

UV Lighting Company: Asst. T-5 bulbs

NextReef Systems: MR-1 Reactor 2 each submersible pumps $ 150 and 1 each 48″ 4 bulb T-5 Light fixture $ 300

Tropical Reef Corals: The Aiptaser

Reef Gently: Fish Acclimator Box

Digital Aquatics: $ 200 ReefKeeper Lite

Red Sea: Their new Reef Foundation products

Two Little Fishies: An assortment of most of their products

Rogger’s Reef Food: packages of Complete and Complete Plus Fish Food $ 125

Ocean Nutrition: Nano Fish & Coral Food and Ocean One Fish Food

San Francisco Bay Brands: Brine shrimp

Jason Fox: Purple Watermelon and Red Hot Setosa Frags $ 200

Genesis Reef Systems: 2 each $ 25 Gift Certificates

Foster and Smith Aquatics: 1 each $25 Gift Certificate

Sunlight Supply: $ 125 Nano Scope

Aquanauts Scuba Academy: Scuba Certification Course for one $ 300
Dive Boat Trip for Two $ 200

How the Raffle works: Each item will be set up on tables in the Raffle area. There will be a container for each item. You buy your Raffle tickets from our Raffle Chair or at one of the Paypal Stations, write your name, e-mail and ph. # on them and place your tickets in the containers of the items you want to bid on. Later in the day, we will pick the winners for each item.
That simple.

Winners will have until the May Monthly meeting to claim their prizes. After that date, the club will use them for future raffles.