coming back to the hobby - quick question on tank weight


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hi all - i'm drawing up plans for a new tank and wanted to run this by some big brain aquarists.

My prior tank was a 150 gal rimless beauty with sump, approx 200 gallons of water on a main floor. Although the wall was load bearing, and the house was new construction, i did not want to play any games with floor strength and actually bought a standjack to support the floor underneath the tank.

This time around, different house, different tank. Going with a ReeferXL 525 from Bulk Reef Supply, the 108 gallon. with 31 gal sump, its 139 gallons total.

Using hamzas reef calculator, thats 1235 pounds full with salt water. Lets assume 1,400 pounds with live rock and other equipment.

Here is where the tank will go, up against the wall:

I can't tell what is directly underneath the tank as its drywalled. But this is what it looks like 8 feet away in another area of the basement. 2"x14"s 16" apart. They will run perpendicular to the tank.

The tank location is up against a staircase going to the basement. On the other side of that staircase, 5 feet away, is this metal girder.

House was built in 2015. I'm thinking i'm okay here given the footprint of the tank and proximity to load bearing walls.

Anyone disagree?
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I think you are in good shape due to the perpendicular beams. The weight is spread across the structure.

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We're assuming same orientation. If you have any worries you could put a vertical brace or two under the central beam, up against the drywall. Sheetrock them in if there's a 'beauty' requirement. Call it a decorative fea-cha.


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You can always liquid nail and nail (12" on center top/bottom of the wood I beam) 3/4" cdx plywood to the wood I beams below the tank. Hopefully that makes sense. I would use the 8' length of the plywood.