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I have a 100 gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump/refugium. I am looking for an in-sump skimmer that is small enough to fit in the stand under the tank. The height I have in the stand is only 20 inches(yikes). I really wish I had more.

Anyway, a couple on skimmers that I'm looking at at the $300 range are AquaC EV-120 and Tunze DOC Protein Skimmers 9010. Are there any other skimmers I should consider?

On a side question, do you include the water volume in the sump/refigium to compare against the manufacturers recommended tank size? For example, my total volume is 130 (100g for the tank + 30g for the sump) or should I just use 100g for the tank.


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Your total water volume is not 130 gal, unless your sump is filled to the top. This could be dangerous. As far as the skimmer goes, I like the AquaC.


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Can the skimmer go outside of the sump/cabinet?

It is possible have the skimmer outside the cabinet but that will require some changes to the area where my tank is located. Have to move some furniture around or I guess I could possibly put the skimmer right behind the tank; not sure if I have enough room there either(don't really want to move the tank few inches forward).

Anyway, I am considering those options but I first want to try having the skimmer in-sump.

Thanks for the feedback guys.


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I second the AquaC. They can be finnicky, but when running properly pull out a lot of gunk. I had the exact same problem with my 240 gal...nothing big enough would fit under my stand but the EV-240...and it barely fit.

Keep in mind that you also have to supply a pump with this skimmer, and that the pump you choose will have a big part to play in how well it works. Go check out the AquaC Club thread in this forum for more on this...