Comments on NEW X Skimmer?


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With the proven performance and efficiency of the new cone skimmers I highly doubt Deltec will grab back much of the skimmer market with those. Especially considering the fact that their prices will most likely be much more than what's currently being offered. I think the new king of the high end skimmer world is the Royal Exclusive Vertex series...3000-4200LPH red dragon driven cone with BK quality for $1399 for the 300 series? Deltec who???


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New Deltec skimmer photos i found.



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I think it looks like a poorly designed remote control robot from K Mart. It is very bulky looking and it looks like someone built it with the thoughts of "If one looks good three will look great."

I cannot see why someone would buy a Deltec when other brands perform as well or better, for less, and have a much cleaner design.

Though I am more of a function before form type I think it would really have to outperform all others to retake that top spot.