Commercial SPS foods?


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I did use Erics coral recipe from the coral forum for awhile but I don't care for it much. To much solid substance that I don't feel is getting used in the tank. I have gone back to using the rest of a bottle of Kent Zooplex. I don't know. With the zooplex you dont see anything in the tank so I guess it's just faith that it is actually working. Just wondering if there are any other recommended coral foods out there. I use cyclopeeze in the fish diet and I'm sure some of the larger sps like my torch coral like it but I don't think most SPS actually use it. So anyway, your thoughts on commercial sps foods?
your torch is an LPS....and your fish waste and halides are great foods for your sps.....cyclopeeze is good as well.
All my SPS seem to have increased polyp extension whenever I feed cyclopeeze. But I also culture my own phyto and rotifers.