Compatibility: Diamond Goby and Hoeven's Wrasse


The Buff Reefer
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As the title implies, I'm trying to figure out if there are any issues with having a Diamond Goby and a Hoeven's Wrasse in the same tank. My tank is a 56-gallon column tank, so it has a smaller footprint than most 50-60 gallon tanks. The sand bed is 18"x30" and is approximately 5" deep. I don't have much rock as I like the "minimalist" look.

Last week, I bought a "pinstriped wrasse" from my LFS (Halichoeres melanurus) who is about 4" long. She seems to be doing fine, but my concern is this... I have seen her dive into the sand 5 or 6 times now, and she doesn't seem to have a favorite spot. In other words, she could dive into the sand anywhere. Now, if I get a Diamond Goby (a fellow Las Vegas reefer is moving and selling his 3" Diamond Goby), do I run the risk of the goby swiming around the tank taking a mouthful of sand and startling the wrasse while she is sleeping, therefore stressing the wrasse?

Anybody have these two fish together (or any sand-sifting goby and sand-burrowing wrasse)?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I would love to get the Diamond Goby from the local reefer, but will pass if the Goby will bother my new Wrasse.