Mystery wrasse 5" and a Radiant 4" The radiant is still new and fairly shy. I have a chance to grab a nice mystery wrasse on the cheap. Just wondering how they would fair together. I have a large CBS and hermits, snails and some emerald crabs too.


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My mystery knocked out my shrimps, crabs, and radiant. One of my butterfly keeps him in line now.

A sea K

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wow mystery's can be that aggressive? I think that's rare isn't it?

That is the reputation as I understand it. I have a fairly large Radiant and he is the dominant wrasse of my three Halichoerus wrasses, he's pretty tough, just not "that" tough.
IMO adding the larger Mystery with a newly acclimated and smaller Radiant would be a mistake. Also removal of either one of those fish in a reef tank will be more than difficult so the loser will surely wind up dead.