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So I have a reef tank but have a trigger someone has locally I'm interested in. He claims that it's well behaved w/ his mandarin/dottybacks/small clowns. As well as not messed with his other inverts.

I have
Current stock list is :
2 inch Wennerae mantis shrimp
Big blue mandarin
Ora Indigo dottyback
Fumanchu lion
Dwarf fuzzy lion.
Huge 15yr old female maroon clown with 2-3 inch male friend.
Kole Tang
Sand sifting goby.
Coral banded and skunk cleaner shrimp.
Flame angel (Probably leaving due to liking wellso I added)

Guy says he hand feeds it silversides and it's lazy. 6 inch pink tail trigger.

Am I insane for even thinking of it, or is it possible individual specimen that is well behaved? Or going to grow another inch or two and then become a killer?

Assuming bad idea. Sometime in the future I'd like a predator tank. I may make my 210 the FOWLR and throw the reef in a 125 or something.

210 because I'd like to have groupers. But I'm also interested in puffer/trigger/harlequin tusk/lions/ maybe eel. Those types going to work toghether or would puffer/trigger really stick it to the big lions? (I thought about a pure lion tank but I'd really like a big red awesome miniatus grouper, triggers/puffers are less must haves.)


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If your tank is getting along as it is, and IMHO, you've been pretty lucky so far, as I see some potential problems already, I'm not sure I'd upset the balance by adding another fish.

Altho Melicthys sp. triggers are planktonic-feeders and tend to be way more mellow than reef/lagoon triggers, you never know how the fish might change, or how it will affect the current dynamic of your tank.