Complete Aquarium and Other Items for Sale


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I need to take a break for a while so I am selling the aquarium in preparation.

I have the following for 700.00 or I will sell the livestock for 450.00.

150 gallon 5x2x2 tank, stand, and canopy, 40 gallon breeder sump, Jebao DC--12000 pump( might be 15000), RW-15, 2x WP-25, 1x WP-40, Neptune AC-3 with 2x dc8, and Programmable Custom LED (Sunrise to Sunset). Livestock includes Red Sea Sailfin Tang, Orange Shoulder Tang, Hippo Tang, Naso Tang, Two Clowns, Christmas Wrasse, Checker Board Wrasse, Dragonette, Lots of LPS, one clam,3 Multi-Color Bubbletip Anemones, 250 lbs of liverock. Test kits and supplements.

I also have the following equipment to sell separately.

80 gallon 4'x2'x16" with stand and 40 gallon breeder sump 200.00
Octopus SRO 1000 skimmer 150.00
RO system 75 gpd with 2 55 gallon mix barrels "“ 100.00 "“ Can't sell till after the 150 gallon aquarium is sold
Litermeter -LM3 Dosing Unit, LM3-RPM, LM3-TCM, LM3,
LM3-WXM "“ 250.00
2x 120 watt led fixture "“ 100.00
Korralin 1502 Calcium Reactor with CO tank and lots of media "“ 120.00
48" halide pc combo light "“ 50.00
Brand New 20 gallon long with class baffles (Need to be installed) "“ 35.00
Avast Marine K2 Kalk Stirrer "“ you built kit. Never been used 100.00

The following is also for sale but I can't sell it until after the livestock is gone.
Bubble Magus Curve 9 with ACS 200 wiper "“ 400.00
Avast Marine Davy Jones Super Locker "“ 90.00
RO system 75 gpd with 2 55 gallon mix barrels "“ 100.00

Please note with the exception of the livestock. I will only hold an item for someone who is on their way to pick it up within 1 day. I am home most evenings after 6:00 and Saturday and Sunday. Everything is local pickup only in Winter Springs. If you come to pick up an item please plan on having enough cash for the listed price. You can text message or call me at eight-six-three-five-five-seven-zero-three-seven-zero.

I will sell everything listed in this post for 1300.00.


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I am only selling as posted in the original post at this time. If I sell the livestock I will repost the tank package with separate prices. Thanks for looking.


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Here is the stand for the 150 gallon. The tank is an oceanic 60x24x24. The canopy is pretty similar but I have it stashed in my garage and will need to get it out this weekend. I will try to get some pics then.

Here is the 80 gallon. There are 4 white panel 1 on each side and two in the front. The front two slide.