condy anemone sucked into powerhead


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Almost two weeks ago I had the misfortune of finding my condy's tenticles sucked into a powerhead. I had to literally tear the the body off the powerhead. To my disbelief the foot seemed to still be alive and stayed attached to the glass. It even moved up to the top of the glass and stayed in that one spot ever since. Yesterday I noticed that the tenticles are starting to sprout.
Has anyone ever seen this before? And can I expect the condy to fully recover.


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im no expert on anemones but it sounds like its recovered.

go to the anemone/clownfish section here on reef central and ask the experts.


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thats good to hear usually you hear it got sucked into the pumped and blown all over the tank like many of mine have.


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glad to hear yours made it...mine didnt the tentacles got sucked up.....the only way to get it out was to rip it off the pump.....he hung on for a week or so....then he died.......


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I had one get sucked up and most of it ended up in my skimmer cup, glad to hear one finally recovered! hopefully hes learned from his mistake


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My anemone (had him for 2 weeks) got sucked up the inlet tube of my canister filter. I found the remains in the morning and managed to untangle about a quarter of it from the plastic mesh. It disappeared for about 2 weeks under my live rock and then reappeared!

He's only about 5cm across the foot in diameter now (used to be nearer 10cm when I got him. But he's totally recovered, and growing again (takes food etc).

That was all about 6 months ago and he lives up the other end of my tank though now and goes nowhere near the inlet tube anymore!!


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I had to break down my DT one time and my RBTA found the pump. I put everything in the sump. I put the RBTA in the fuge away from the pump and the pump had a screen on the intake so I thought all would be fine. 5 Hours later my tank had a weird smell and a strange glow to the water. There was hardly anything left of him. Just a couple of very small pieces. That was a sad day. :(
It sounds like yours might just pull through. Good luck


I have seen one get mashed into almost a puree form at my LFS, then a month later he was better than ever.
so to answer your question- yes there's a chance that it may recover, regardless of how small that is