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You guys have almost convinced me that my life will be more complete with a contemptous evil doing slimp. (I guess one homocidal cat is not enough). Yes, there is just too much love in this household. Time to get some much needed balance by sharing my home with a stone cold killer. I can see it now, the whole family gathered 'round for endless hours of death and mayhem.

Anyway, I have a few questions.

1. I have a 10 gallon tank that currently looks like a burned out crack house...perfect for a slimp that is serious about keeping it down low while he perpetrates his evil deeds. Has anyone actually had a glass tank broken by a mantis? 10 gallons of water on the floor equals extra evil doers on the premise, namely my girlfriend.

2. What can be done to minimize the glass striking? Would more or less live rock be better?

3. Where can I get one of those peacocks? I asked the guys at Fishworld in Raleigh about acquiring one and they just laughed at me. I guess they were interested in preparing me for the disrespect my live in mantis will be dishing out.

Don't worry about the animal breaking the glass. It rarely happens and then only when the animal is trying to excavate in corners, etc.

Apparently the personnel at your LFS aren't too knowledgable. Every year thousands of Odontodactylus scyllarus are imported into the U.S
The wholesale price is usually under $8 and they often sell retail for $25-40. Any LSF that knows what it is doing can easily order O. scyllarus and have them in a week or two.