Cont. selling off all the equipment now


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Alright I’m going to try and get all the equipment listed here.

There may be some more things I find along the way though so please bear with me. I know a few of you have pm’d me with some items that you were interested in. Please PM me again and remind me.

ALL PRICES ARE OBO everything must sell

Here we go:

Tank/stand/canopy 94 gallon perfecto tank 60x20x20 not reef ready - $500


Sump 55gal. tank w/baffles - $35
Kind of a crappy pic but you can see how the baffles are in it


Lights 2x250 watt Icecap ballasts, with PFO quick disconnects wired in, 2x24” PFO parallel reflectors (the good ones) and 2x Hamilton 14ks. All new in Feb. - $400

Custom made HOB overflow box (lifereef style) with 2 u-tubes - $40

4 x maxijet 1200’s - $14 each

Ocean Runner 3500 - $50 new in January

Mag 12 Used for a year- $70

Pinpoint PH monitor with AC adapter - $60

Refractometer - $30 sold to ipiniowa

ASM G2 skimmer (mesh modded) - $175

Kent marine 120gpd HI-S RO unit (membranes good, needs new carbon and sed. Cartridges) $75
Same as this one, it actually has 2 membranes though not 1 like in the picture

4 x 10gal. tanks - $5 each

Ebojager 250 watt heater, visitherm 300 watt heater - $5 each

Digital thermometer - $15

Surge 3500 pump doesn’t always work right â€"œ free with any other purchase

Box of misc. test kits, leftover food, additives, etc. - $40

If you think I'm too high priced on something shoot me an offer and we'll talk.

Lights are sold and I'm sure the maxijets are claimed.

The rest is still up for grabs. Feel free to make me some offers.
Did you get my PM on shipping the MJs?
Let me know as I haven't heard anything back from you as of yet.

The PH monitor does come with the probe and I think I also have 2 packets of calibration fluid laying around somewhere
PH monitor is sold

I really want the tank gone. Here's the deal I'll throw the tank/stand/canopy and the sump and overflow and all the plumbing for $425 All you need is a return pump and you're up and running. If you buy all that I'll give you a good deal on one of the 2 pumps that I have for sale that I used on this system.
Someone make me an offer on the tank/stand/canopy. Really need it gone. Willing to possibly deliver or meet if that's what it takes.
Yes the tank is empty. Ready to go!!! :D

I still have the sump, overflow all the plumbing I can throw in with the tank as well. All you need is a pump to run it and I have the OR 3500 left that I was using on it before that I'll make someone a good deal on if they buy the tank and sump and everything.

Mag 12 is sold
RO unit is sold
Lights are sold
PH monitor is sold
2 maxijets are sold
heaters are sold