Controller Question


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I am looking for a basic controller to monitor pH, temp, and control lighting. I have looked at the Reefkeeper II which looks nice but has a 15 Amp max. My problem is that each of my (3) 400W MH ballasts draw 3.2 amps. This plus my actinic supplimental lighting eats up almost all of that capacity. Are there other basic controllers that have higher Amp capacity?



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Yeah, the AC Jr. would be your ticket. You could hook up each power strip to a dedicated house circuit if you needed too. I have a DC8 and a DC4-HD hooked up to my setup. All my lights are on the DC4-HD (3 ballasts).


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i also agree with these guys.. right now im running 5x250watt se with 2x300watt heater and 4xmaxijett with no problem..all on dc8