Controlling 1073.050 with a 7092


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Ok so I purchased a 1073.050 and a 7092 to control it. Now I think that may have been a mistake as I want to use the 1073.050 as a return pump so I just want a steady flow that I can dial in as needed. Is there a way to use the 7092 for the 1073.050 that will not pulse? It doesn't look like it unfortunately :( I have an apex so I may just buy the cord but I thought I would get things started using the Tunze controller first.


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If you just want steady flow you do not need a controller at all. There is a small knob on the junction box that the controller cable plugs into. This is a speed setting that by turning it it will speed and slow the pump as desired.


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If you set both speeds the same it will not pulse. In general, Shawn is correct, when you want to set one fixed speed, you just set the potentiometer on the pump junction box to the speed you want and do not use a controller.