Controlling Kessil with Profilux aquarium computer


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I've been in the hobby for about 14 years now and I'm planning some upgrades.
I am changing the lighting of my reef aquarium. From a T5 fixture with Dali dimmable to Kessil LED.

From day 1 I control my lighting via the Profilux 3ex. My T5 fixture via a Dali expansion card, my Profilux Simu L via a L-port (1-10V) and refugium lighting via PAB (switching power socket).

I recently bought two used Kessil A360W Tuna Blue's (for display) and a Kessil A160W Tuna Sun (for refugium). Also modified a 3.5 3p audio stereo jack cable with a RJ12 connector at the other end.

My Profilux computer has 3x 2 L-ports available. I'm using L1/L2 for 2 stream groups. L3/L4 for the Kessil LED's for display tank (1 channel for intensity and the other for color).
L5 for Profilux Simu L (need some low level light for sunrise en -set, something the Kessil's cannot do). Kessil has a big gap between light off and it's lowest level on.

My question:
(I don't want to try it just because I'm afraid of breaking something.)
Can I use L6 (1 channel) for only adjusting the intensity of my refugium LED and using a preset color (by adjusting the knob), or do I necessarily need 2 channels, even if the second channel isn't used for controlling?
In the latter case I need an expansion card.


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Thanks for responding.

My question however is mostly Kessil-related:

When using a 3.5mm jack plug for controlling the Kessil, is it possible to only control the intensity channel, or does inserting the 3.5 plug result in the two buttons on the unit being ignored?