Converted from Puffer tank to peaceful


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Hi everyone, ive had a puffer for over 3 years and it recently died. The tank only had one piece of rock in it before, so now i added a few more rocks in and made more caves and such. I plan on putting a few easy fish in there now such as clowns, gobies, and some other small easy stuff. what i plan on doing before i put any fish in there now is to add some emerald crabs, and blue leg crabs in there to clean it up and such. and to see if everything is safe to put fish back in there.

My question is,

-how many small fish do you guys think i can put in here
- is this a good way to convert from dirty puffer tank to peaceful tank

Tank spec:
- 46 gallon bow with about 2.5-3 inch substrate.
- Fluval 404, Rena Xp3 ( jsut put that in today)
- aquaclear 70
-CPR bakpak

In my filters its only filled with 30% foam and such, and 70% biomax,ceramic rings, etc.

Is this a good setup overall?


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how much live rock do you have? the foam and the rings will cause high phosphates? you want more water flow and good sized water change and some nice schoolers and dont forget snails.good luck


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why would the rings cause phosphate problems? the rings hold bacteria in them dont they? what types of schoolers do u recommend? its a 46 gallon bow tank, with fish and rock only no corals