Cooling fans placement???


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I got two 4" cooling fans to put on the top of my tank. These are not mountable fans, just your basic tabletop cooling fan that you can tilt down to aim how you want. My question is the placement of the fans.

I have glass tops on the back 2/3 of the tank, and have the front 1/3 open for feeding.

So should I place the fans in the back corners of the tank (on the glass) aiming towards the glass and the front of the tank. OR should I place the fans in the middle both pointing opposite directions and directly at the water surface?

Which would be the appropriate and most efficient way to cool down the tank. It's starting to get up to 80-81 degrees during the day and it's not even summer yet!


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I think you might want to get rid of the glass tops. The fans are going to do no good if you use them on a covered tank. Air blowing accross the surface of the water is what cools it down. Hope this helps!