Coral Aquascape Help


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Searching for some help/ suggestions for Corals to add some Heights and depths to my aquascape. I've done research as far as peaks and valleys.

Specifically looking to add something to the large tall rock in front of the overflow on the left. Something that will grow up and out. Almost like a ledge.
Have plans for the rock bridge on the right.. Zoa garden!

I'm a newbie. This will be a growing project and I will research all suggested Corals before seriously considering purchasing. This is a 90 gal. And will probably upgrade to leds.

I just have noticed that a lot of enthusiasts love the aquascaping part of their aquarium and may have some interest in helping with someone else's.




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Birdsnests and montiporas are going to give you the best bang for your buck and since they grow very fast they'll consume that space very quickly.


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My first thought is maybe a variety of montipora capricornis. How's your water filtration?
Currently running what use to be a wet dry but without bioballs. In the process of switching to a 20 gal sump with filter sock, refugium, and skimmer.

Tanks been running since July. Yellow eye kole tang, blue green chromis, two clowns, and just added diamond goby. Taking it nice and slow. I have some zoas, palys, rbta, and birdsnest.


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This is how I set up my 90 and am liking it but found a site I'll post later with some great aquascaping for 90g that gave me some inspiration on this scaping...