Coral beauty first ick then???

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I got a coral beauty 3 weeks ago and it went right into QT for the first 3 day all was good then on day 4 i started to see ick. i have been treating now for 2 full weeks with cupramine. after 2 days no ick could be seen on its body.

The fish was eating ok but not great. Today i get home to see one eye swollen about 5 times bigger and totaly white cloudy. breathing seems ok colour is ok. BUT when swimming it is not using its fin on the side with the bad eye. The other eye looks ok. i was thinking flukes???

would flukes limit fin use?

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What treats what disease? The short course.
DO NOT use any of these treatments in your display tank: use a hospital tank or converted qt. Exception: water quality correction and dietary correction.
Caution: Do not use copper on angels, lions, and delicate fishes. Do not assume copper is ok with a delicate species: doublecheck by googling [species name copper treatment cupramine] on the web. Late note: johnsoni wrasse did not survive copper treatment. Add wrasses to maybe-not list.

Treatments for parasites on fish come in two sorts: hyposalinity and copper. There is also Prazipro, or Praziquantel, a med also used to kill redbug on corals, and which to a certain extent claims to be reefsafe: do not use without reading the reviews and judging applicability. And there is Crypto-Pro, a formulation of quinine sulphate that is supposed to be effective against a resistent form of ich: there seem to be some bad reactions, and some water quality issues, plus depression of appetite. First, Do not guess about these meds: check species recommendations, measure exactly [another reason for treating in a bare glass tank] and read instructions precisely. Do not combine treatments. More is not better. Certain species cannot take copper, in particular. Some do not do well with quinine sulphate. With species that must have a cycled qt, you can use hypo, but not copper, and I would definitely choose hypo over meds unless you have a clear reason for another choice.

I fear the problem may be the cupramine, not another parasite. It may now have a bacterial infection, as an immune system lowered from the med.


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Popeye requires good water. I'll do a major water change and monitor water quality. Popeye should resolve itself in a week with good water quality.