Coral beauty intellegence


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Well I have a CB that is about 2.5-3 inches long, grew up in a 29g with true perc pair and a yellow wrasse. I have upgraded the tank to a deep blue 57g and the GBTA has chosen a spot in the center of the tank behind some live rock against the overflow.

The CB used to always steer clear of the clowns and their home. The Female clown is a bit bigger then the CB.

The tank change took place around 3 months ago, everything was stable from day 1.

Now and the CB goes out of her way to rush towards the nem and clowns and posture, flare all her fins like she is the top fish, then gets a whooping from the female clown : S. So far there has been no real damage untill today where the CB dorsal fin is a bit ripped at the very end.

Will the CB give up trying to control the whole tank when it finally realizes its the wimpiest? Is there a chance for harmony again? The clowns ignore her untill she puffs her fins up and challenges them, so it seems like she is bringing this on her self :headwally:

Sorry about the wall of text, non of my friends care or pretend to care about my tanks drama. I would hate to have to re home, i have had these fish for 3 years :(


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You could try and reacclimate the CB, also try moving some rock work around. Sometimes fish with attitudes just need to go on little car ride to help with the adjustment


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Here I thought I was the only one! My girlfriend added a Coral Beauty to her 65 and it would not stop messing with her clown. It's definitely the instigator, and got its butt kicked everytime. The clown could honestly care less about it until she comes up and starts messing with him. I tried rearranging live rock, taking it out, etc. Ended up having to rehome to a friends tank. They must just be a glutton for punishment...