Coral Beauty Problem


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I have a 75 gallon FOWLR

I recently have gotten rid of my hippo tang and since I have my coral beauty has made himself king and has been bullying my bluehead wrasse and my orchid dottyback........Is there a fish i could get that would put the coral beauty in his place and at the same time be peaceful to my other fish?

Sorry to say but you're probably not going to have any luck on this scenario unless you're a Fish Whisperer. Even within the same species personalities can differ considerably and can also take on a new authority as you've experienced. To assume adding a particular breed of fish will play the part you've written for it, is a shot in the dark. Sorry, but unless you remove the offender the reality is the wrasse and dottyback will have to adjust.
You'd be playing with fire... However, I think a Zebrasoma tang might take on a dominant role in the tank if you were to add one. They're not usually outwardly aggressive (Purple is probably the meanest) but they will often swim around the tank and let other fish know they're boss. Just keep in mind that if for some reason it does work you would need to upgrade tank size down the road. Your best bet is to just trade in the Coral Beauty at the LFS, but if you must keep the Coral Beauty I think a Zebrasoma is your best bet.