coral beauty reef safe?


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The fish has been in my Q-tank sinc MARCH 7th. Wish to put it in my 100g display. Some say it is reef safe but others say NO.
Could I have a more definite answers from you guys just to save the trouble to get him out by moving everything out of the tank.
Many thanks in advance


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I have kept Coral Beauties in my reefs for many years. I have never observed any problems. They might take the occasional nip at a polyp or a coral but I have never known one to really get interested in that. You will need to keep macro-algae in the tank for their entertainment - caulerpa occasionally, or sheets of algae that you can buy at your LFS.


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My coral beauty does fine with the corals in my tank....I do feed the nori though as a backup to give him things to graze on.


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I have a Coral Beauty and a Flame and have had no problems in my 225. But as said above, I'd feed some sort of Nori or something to keep his interest away from the polyps.

My 2 cents....


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i have had mine for about 10 months now. once in a while i will see him nip at a coral. its more like hes eating something off the polyp then the actual polyp. no regrets getting mine!


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I second what has been said, the coral beauty, flame, and bicolor angels I have not had a problem with. I did have a golden angel for a while that I did have problems with, with certain corals.


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My CB was an absolute terror. It never touched anything for about 6 months, but then started nipping everything. My zoas would not open and I lost a clam to the CB. I think it all depends on the fish, but I would NOT recommend one.


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I my-self plan on getting a Flame for my tank, even though some people say Dwarf angels are 50/50, it seems from reading posts on here that most people have luck with them. Also if your CB has only been in QT since the 7th don't put him in your display yet. QT for at least 4 weeks.