Coral Beauty with Cloudy/swollen eye??


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Good morning, everyone.

I have a small (2.5") coral beauty that I brought home about two weeks ago. He's been in quarantine the entire time. The quarantine tank is 10g, bare bottom. He has some sections of PVC pipe in the bottom to hide in. When I last handled the PVC sections, I didn't see any sharp edges. Typically, I do water changes 2x per week, about 25%.

During the last two days, he's developed some clouding and swelling to one eye.

Once I saw a problem I started doing 25% water changes daily, using water from my established and heathy 55g as replacement.

I'm hesitant to start medicating a fish... but if things don't get better in the next day I need to do something.

Any suggestions?

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Ooops... more information that I should have included. I got interrupted while typing my previous post.

The coral beauty is eating well, 2x per day. Once, a homemade frozen mix of seafood and nori that has been soaked in a vitamin supplement and the second feeding of flakes or pellets that he gobbles readily as well. In fact, he'll eat about anything, as long as it hasn't hit the bottom of the tank. Food is not allowed to rot on the bottom of the tnak.

Salinity is about 1.022-1.023.

My q-tank has been up for a while and using established water. I used an old sponge from another tank, but I'm afraid that it's started a mini-cycle.

I see two options:

1. move the fish into the main tank. That will remove him from the less than optimal conditions, but catching him later will be very difficult.
2. Treat the existing tank with amqel, continue daily 25% water changes, and see if this little guy will ride it out.

Also, there is the additional option of some type of antibiotic for the eye.

I try to be a responsible caretaker, but I could use some guidance here. I should have anticipated a problem with the increased bioload on the q-tank.

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Hi, I have a Majestic angelfish that is in quarenteen in a 33 gallon rubbernaid and will go into his new tank in a week. Since I do not have a cycled quarenteen tank I have been switching him between two of the same size rubbermaids every three days and using lots of cycle bacteria and ammo loc and he has been doing well and eating like a pig. Well to make a long story short, he got startled the other day when I woke him up at 5 am. to switch him out into another tub before work and I think he hurt his eye maybe running into the power head or something. Next morning his eye was swollen and had this cloudy cottony like look to it.

I went to the fish store and they said that most of these types of infections are I needed an antibiotic, but which one? I did not know if it was gram negative or gram positive bacteria, or what the organism was, and a lot of the antibiotics only treat one or the other. I ended up buying something called Furian 2 which treats both. I also used Melifix (a natural anticeptic type medicine with Melilcua that helps healing) with the Furian 2. I thought he might go blind his eye looked so bad! Anyway, it took a whole 7 days but the treatment worked and his eye looks completely better. If you buy the Furian 2 make sure you get enough to treat for a whole 7 days as my fishes infection took 7 days to completely get better. If you try this treatment I would do a 50 percent water change every three days so the medicines don't build up too much in the water. If you do a large water change you need to replace it in the tank slowly over at least an hour so you do not shock your fish.
Good luck, Lesley (hope this helps)
Your QT has turned into a sick tank. Treat the eye with Furan2. Watch for ammoniia levels as antibiotics usually damage the bio-filter. Treat immediately.
The Furian 2 claims to not affect the biological filter but even though they say this I would still watch for amonia and use Ammo loc. I did not care as I am changing the water completely every three days. Lesley
Most "cloudy eys/bulging eyes" are the result of a bacterial problem often a bi-product of an eye injury (netting , confilict etc). In many cases these problems will resolve themselves with some decent water quality and good food. If you don't see improvement or the condition worsens then you should consider QT combined with an antibiotic. Maracyn 2 is readily available and effective in most cases.
Just an update...

I've done some massive water changes over the last week. Also, I started treating with liquid Maracyn-Plus.

The eye is looking significantly better. I'll continue a full week of treatment with the antibiotics. Then, if he stays clean for another 10 days, I'll move him into my display tank.

Thanks for all the input!

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