Coral Beauty with Flukes


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I got a coral beauty angelfish and mandarin dragonet maybe 3 weeks ago now from my lfs. Previously had a valentini in the tank for 2 years but I left my dorm for a weekend with my space heater on and returned to everything dead... it was very tragic. Anyways, I got these two fish and discovered a week later that my coral beauty's fins were frayed and a white thing was on his eye. Bought Malachite green and moved all my corals to a different tank, treated with 15ml (its a 30 gallon tank) for 3 days and water changes between and saw no improvement. So i completely drained the tank and took all the rock out so i could catch the bugger and do a freshwater dip. Two flukes fell off and I returned him to the tank and he was doing well. A week later though I noticed his fins fraying again and thought I saw flukes so I just did another freshwater dip again today without a water change in the main tank. Four flukes fell off, he was swimming well in a saltwater bucket after (water taken from the main tank), but since returning him to the main tank his health seems to be deteriorating. Now he's swimming almost aggressively with his side fins near the surface of the tank, not moving from that spot. His colour is dull, but whenever I go over and open the lid he swims away, and I fed him some brine shrimp that he loves and he did eat, so it doesn't seem life threatening yet.

I was hoping for any advice regarding fish behaving similarly after a freshwater dip. Could it have to do with the flukes or just stress? Will he just return to normal over time? I'm not sure what to do other than possibly a water change, but he was behaving perfectly normal before the dip this morning.


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Malachite Green doesn't treat flukes. You need a medication with praziquantel in it like Prazipro or API General Cure. With prazi dose once, wait about a week, do a 20-25% water change and then repeat dosage. (Or use this treatment calendar to determine when is the best time to add the second dose.) The reason for the second dose is to eradicate the “next generation” of worms before they can lay eggs of their own. Because while Prazi does kill worms, it doesn’t eliminate any eggs they might leave behind.


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I live in Canada and fish medicines are illegal here so its extremely difficult for me to get. Malachite green was the only other option, and I didn't know for sure it was flukes at the time so i tried it just to see if it'd work.

Anyways since I posted I did a water change and his condition is worsening. He is turning very pale almost white around his face and stomach and not moving from the top of the tank really at all. I don't know what to do at this point and am afraid I will lose him.