Coral Compulsion 120W LED


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Any experience with this fixture?

Tank Info:
56"L x 18"W x 24"H
Future mixed reef tank with a few clams

Can I get away with two panels of these?

Product Details
Number of LEDs= 55 3watt running at just over 2w each
LED Color Combination= 26 Deep Blue 455nm, 11 Cool White 12000k, 6 Neutral White 6500k, 4 True Violet 420nm, 4 Deep Red 660nm, 4 Cyan 495nm
Optics= 90 Degree standard
Area Coverage= 30" x 24"
Dimmable= Yes
Size= Approx. 16" x 8" x 2"


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Search for Twilight Group.

They are the chinese company that makes the fixture. You can get it directly from them in China for about $70 less per fixture or more, and shipped to you within 3 days. You would just have to specify the led layout to them to match the "Coral Compulsion" ones.