Coral Food


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What does everyone feed their corals? I don't have any (yet), but I'm hoping to start real soon. I've seen a few recipe's on how to make your own coral food, but I haven't seen anyone ever mention it on these forums.

So...what is on the menu?


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It really depends on the coral. Some filter feed, some are photo synthetic, and different sized corals eat large and small foods.

I feed mysis, brine, cyclopeez, and plankton to acans, favia, candy cane, hammer, polyps, sun coral, palte coral, and zoas. I also give the occasional chopped chunks of krill, shrimp, calm, squid, and silverside to my anemone and plate coral.


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I used to make food but haven't in awhile. I don't target feed. I buy frozen plankton sheets, brine and mysis that I break a piece off of and thaw in rodi water. Every few feedings I add a tiny amount of golden pearls to the thawed food + rodi water which the coral absolutely love and visibly react to more than the 'regular' food. I also feed my fish nori daily or every other day, and their poop is sortof a coral food too somewhat.


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Hi Spike

welcome aboard.

As for the food question, it all depends what types you want to feed and what you are trying to get out of it.

This is what I feed:

most softies : nothing
LPS: mysis, chopped seafoods
SPS: zoo & phyto plankton



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Good to be here!

I'm hoping to start off easy by getting mushrooms and zoo's. Are there any other easy (lower light req, hardy) corals I should try?


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I picked up some Rod's Food from ARC. It was $20 for a 6 oz flat package. That seemed expensive at first, but when you start feeding, you realize how dense the food is. My home made flats were lasting me about 3 weeks. My Rod's flat will last me 3 months at least, maybe 5-6. The food goes a long way and everyone in the tank seems to love it.

I hated making my own food. It's such a pain to wash food, mix it and bag it. I'll keep buying Rod's. It's well worth the money.

I also add a little extra cyclopeeze once in a while to the tank, and a veggie clip a couple times a week. I got the Rod's food with the extra herbivore in it. It's cool because fish that wouldn't eat seaweed are now eating it, probably because it's been soaked with the other food.

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I noticed that ARC is now carrying Rod's food. I think I'm going to give that a try.

Currently though I feed a mix of cyclopeeze, oyster eggs and reef chili.


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the rods food is awsome feeds everything in the tank. cant wait for the coral onry version to come out so the big chunks will stop cloging my turkey baster:D