Coral Helpppp?


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I am a noob when coming to LPS so i am here for some info.
I bought a Green Closed Brain coral yesterday from my LFS. it look at great at the store and it still does now, the only problem is that i see a few spikes on the side of it. it looks like neddle sticking out. I guess its the skeleton but what is causing this. My water is perfect except for the bacterial bloom caused by my biopellets. I moved it around a little this morning to see what results i get. I'm a little paranoid about it seeing that i recently lost all my soft corals during a little ammonia spike while on vacation. What could the problem be?


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post a pic to help but if the skeleton is showing thats often a sign of it dieing. test parms agian and i would go with gfo instead of biopellets for exactly that reason