Coral ID please..


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I've had this coral in my tank for a couple years now but always thought its a motipora but now I think it may not be monti because of the soft flesh and tentacles it has. Anyone knows this coral?



Big Dave PDX

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Encrusting hydnophora, perhaps?

+1 here. I used to have one and the polyps look exactly the same. It would encrust the rock and then plate out when it got to the edge. It was a very fast grower for me! It was pretty nasty too - it would kill my GSP and green button polyps when they grew too close. I guess the good part was it kept them from spreading any further!!:thumbsup:


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Thanks everyone, I actually have a few branching hydnophora but didn't know there is an encrusting type of hydnophora.

The funny is, I googled "hydnophora" and my pictures from this thread came up in the images result.

It's been growing fast and is very beautiful. It does not seem to bother the zoas next to it though.