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Hey Guys,

I've checked all over the internet and haven't been able to figure what kind of coral this is. I believe it's a stony coral, kind of looks like some sort of mushroom or miniature plate coral.


Any help would be appreciated. I really like this coral but just have no clue what kind it is.



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If you are talking about the green things, I vote for Palythoa sp. or Mojano Anemones. If they Palys they are ok but can spread if they get a chance. If Mojanos, then a bad pest anemone


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Sorry, I meant to edit the post and say that I was talking about the thing in the middle, not the zoa/palys. This was an epic piece until I had a little epidemic and lost about half my zoas from my entire tank. This piece especially was decimated. It looks like reef medic was correct, it seems to be some sort of baby fungia .