coral not looking good identification needed


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Had this coral for a week was really nice for the first few days all bright white then the middle started to look like it had been eaten then just got bigger like all the white wouldent come out now the stem is turning black all my tests are fine tho all other corals are great. Identification would be a help thx .added pic not the best tho tbh.


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Def some sort of gorgonian. They require good/high water flow and moderate lighting. Sounds like it's dying off. They are pretty difficult to keep so I'd do a little more research on it to find out what's best to do for it


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Thank you for the help iv looked still not sure going back to lfs Tuesday find out what's what. Iv added some more pics it looks like it's dieing all the white was out this morning apart from certain parts iv moved it to a more flow area see if helps & tried feeding this morning too.


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If I were you I would do some more research before you buy. It will help you in the long run.

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It sure looks like it could use some help. You must keep it in some intermittent or alternating flow. From one of your pics it looks like you had some algae around it. Keep the algae or cyano away from it. This will cause the stripping like you see in that pic.

be careful if removing some algae they are very brittle. Keep him in some good flow, light, stable water conditions and he may make a recovery.

they do require a little extra attention, Mine get the most daily attention out of everything in my tank.

I am not familiar with that brand of food, I have not seen it on this side of the pond. But I am sure it will be fine.