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Hi all:

I have just created a site for the images you all have sent me over the past few years on the phenomenon where coral tissue appears to flow or drip from the colony and form daughter colonies.

This site is made as an addendum for a publication that will hopefully be in the journal Coral Reefs where it has been submitted.

However, in all the updates, file moving, printing, and now site work, I have lost much of the supplemental information that you guys have provided. I have not included your names or emails to respect your privacy, but if you would like me to do so, or add your name simply for credit of that page, please let me know.

Alternately, if you have had this phenomenon occur, and have not provided the information for your coral, or photos, please let me know by email to I would very much like to add this to the site as it happens.

Please excuse some of the page design is still a work in progress.

Thanks for your help and future contributions.


and then click on "Coral Polyp Extrusion"
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Now that is interesting.

I had a paradivisa that did something very similar to those in the pictures on the site.

Mine would get this huge bubble like thing going on in the middle of one or more of the heads and it ultimately looked like it would simply pop, they color also went sickly pale. I ca't remember exactly but I think when everything cleared up there would now be 2 heads in place of the one, or almost anyway. Then each semi new head would turn into a stalk.

I wish I had documented this when it was happening but I was so new the corals that I didn't know any better. But explains why I started with 4 heads and ended up with 11 in it's glory day.

Thx for putting this together :)
I got a pavona frag recently that drips a bit from between the ridges. Unfortunately, I haven't got a digital camera or a scanner. I'm just glad that it might be normal. I was afraid the thing was in trouble.
I have a gorgonian that has started the process a few months back. The extrusion is over an inch long.
I've added a lot of other stuff to the site last week including information on brown jelly, etc. You can go to the front page and click on student research and see the rest of my site thus far. I'm so glad I finally learned how to do a web site. Problem is, it's addictive once you start.
Hey Eric

I know a local reefer that has a maze brain that does this all the time he says. I will have to let him know about this thread & get you a better picture, exposure was too low.


Great work Eric!

I had a Blastomussa wellsi that would routinely "drip" buds off. Unfortunately I've lost both the blasto and all my photos of it, so I can't add much more than my observations.

Happy Reefing!
Glenn R
Very cool pictures! I have a Nemenzophyllia (Fox coral) that exhibits this behavior also. I have sold/traded off the daughter buds.

Hi Eric,
No pictures. I have it in a lower light area and they didn't come out well. It continues to do this on a regular basis. I will move it to a better location. (I hope it doesn't become like the proverbial watched pot :) ).

Heres my zoo's doing it.It's hard to see because i had to reduce the pic so much:rolleyes:


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i have a paradivsa (frogspawn) that is doing it now i will try to get pics tonite. i also have daughter colonies from previous splits.
Here is a picture of my hammer doing it. It did it on me 2 months ago and I poped it 1 month later. Now it's back. Here is a picture I took last night. I was refer here by TippyToex in the General Forum when I posted the picture.



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