Coral Sea tropcal Fish Riverside Closing


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just as it says, Coral Sea Tropical Fish- Riverside, is closing its doors. Due to economics, and our inabilaty to renegotate a lease, and not qualifying for a Goverment Bailout, we are closing our doors now. Everything is 1/2 off, or more. No offers refused. Monday and Tuesday January 19 & 20 th only. 10 am to 8 pm All sales final. This Includes invertibrates, fish, dry goods, aqauariums, gondolas,lighting, everything in stock!!!
For those of you who know us, thanks for 7 years of support.
For those of you who don't, Please support your local fish store!

The internet,and the economy is to blame. I am sure we wont be the last brick and mortar store to go...
Thank you for years of support, but please keep all negative comments to yourself, there are families who relied on this store for a job, and for supplies.

Coral Sea Tropical Fish
6709 Indiana ave
Riverside Ca 92506


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I support local stores, and know it's a grind for you guys. Sorry to hear you're closing, and best of luck in your future endeavors.